MAE Institute

Since the beginning of time, moms have been dealing with the pressure of balancing their families and careers. NAME believes that this should not be the case. The vast majority of growing businesses in the United States are black women-owned. Unfortunately, this same demographic experiences setbacks in financial, human, and social capital needed to break the $40 million ceiling to increase impact hiring. Women are the backbone of families, yet they are often overlooked for growth opportunities and capital in Business.

Our Solution

The Mom As Entrepreneurs Institute provides evidence-based training that focuses on business models, operations, marketing, finances (both personal and business), networking, fundraising, public relations, motherhood, etc.

Our strategic partnerships allow us to bring in a plethora of mentors and resources to ensure longevity and growth for our members and their businesses.

How it Works

In-Person Academy

Each chapter holds academies twice a year (Spring & Fall). Dates vary based on the Chapters. 10 participants are chosen per cohort

Once accepted, moms must submit tuition of $249 via the payment portal (Moms who qualify will receive a scholarship and be reimbursed for their tuition after the completion of the program.)

After completing the program, members will become part of NAME’s extensive network. Completion of the program includes 1-year of membership from the completion date.

Submit the application & supporting documents

Participate in a panel interview

Attend all sessions

Submit all course deliverables by the due dates

Meet with a business mentor

Participate in the final presentation


Click here and follow the instructions to apply for the Institute. Please ensure you are choosing the applying for the Institute in your area.